Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in a nutshell

It's safe to say that Alex enjoyed his first Christmas! Of course, he has no idea just yet of what Christmas is all about. He loves the tree, ornaments, snowmen, lights, etc. He enjoyed all the time with family, and had fun playing with everyone.

He really didn't care about the paper, surprisingly. The only present that he was excited to unwrap was his toy truck...and that's only after he saw it through the torn paper. He could not WAIT for Mama to get the truck out of the box! (What's with the 7,042 wire ties to keep it in the box? It took AGES to get it out of there while Alex was grabbing at it!)

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a quick dinner at Grandma & Papa's house, then the Christmas Eve service at church. Afterwards, we headed back to Grandma & Papa's house to play cards.

Christmas morning was celebrated at home with stockings, presents, and Guitar Hero. I'd like to say it was just like the images in my head - all warm & cuddly with a yummy breakfast. Nope. Cold cereal, uncombed hair, and casual. That's us. Maybe some year I'll get my act together! ;)

(Guitar Hero has since been unplugged, and we bought Guitar Praise for the computer. I don't recommend Guitar Hero 3. Ever. To anyone. Evil game, seriously.)

Christmas afternoon/evening was spent at Grandma & Grandpa S's house, where we showed off Alex's new onesie. Yummy food, Christmas present for the kiddos in the basement, and then an "upstairs" Christmas for the grown-ups. Donna got a fancy-schmancy massage chair...and she was willing to share it with all of us. Ahhh!

The day after Christmas was ice, ice, ice. It took almost 30 minutes to drive the 3 miles from our house to Grandma & Grandpa P's house. Once there, we had a terrific day together. The slideshow tells you how excited Grandma P was to see August 2009 on her new calendar! :) After a good day of family, card games, yummy food, and presents, we braved the fog and ice to make it back home.

The next day was a P day in the morning and a S pizza/Rock Band night at Aunt Deb's house. We really packed in the parties in 3 days time!

Alex got sufficiently spoiled...and we might just need a bigger house to hold all his fun new toys, games, and books. At least the wagon and sled are outside toys! :)

We are blessed to have such wonderful families, and to have most of our family within an hour or two of our home. We are loved, and we love all of you! :)

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The Hamstras said...

LOVE the picture with the bow on his behind :) I agree about the Guitar Hero thing. My sister has one of the others versions and without even know it the kids were singing along to some terrible lyrics basically praise the devil! We have the Dance Praise for the computer and it's lots of fun!