Friday, January 30, 2009

Picture Post

(Since you didn't come here to find out about passwords or see how dumb I am, here's what you really want...)

Karen loaned us her ride-on train yesterday.
Alex loves it already!
Maggie's green ball is in the storage compartment of the train.
We're slowly learning to use utensils. It's a messy process.
Do you recognize the spoon, Kevin & Leanne? Thanks!
Alex's garage sale "bike".
Maggie's rawhide bone is taking a ride.
(Are you getting the idea that Maggie's toys are not just for Maggie? Ha ha!)

Phase 10, anyone?

He has NO CLUE what to do with the straw cup yet, but he likes to play with it.

Using a fork. He had it the right way before I turned to grab the camera.
We load it, he aims it.

How to accomplish a lot without having a baby underfoot.
(Just kidding! Alex put HIMSELF in there, and it's not locked.)


The Hamstras said...

I LOVE the crinkled nose paired with a mischievous grin. He's so great!!

Susie said...

Griffin was always really great at getting into the decks of cards!! The Phase 10 must have been his favorite b/c I think we are on the 3rd deck of those from him destroying the others! Hope you are feeling well!