Sunday, August 16, 2015

Parade & Festival Fun

We’re not always around on the weekend of our town’s annual parade & festival.  This year, though, we were home and able to attend!

We started the (hot!) morning at the parade.  The kids were SUPER excited to watch everything go by and collect candy.  They did NOT love the noise of the fire engines.  None of them were scared, but they all covered their ears!


Walking the landscaping rails while we waited for the parade to start.

Still waiting for the parade to start…they attached their candy bags (an advertisment from a local business) to the nails sticking out of this utility pole.

One of the Orak cars died right in front of us.  We got to watch them make a quick repair while the parade was at a stand still for a few minutes.  The man facing us was saying that he can’t take his car out of gear to help, or his car has issues, too.

After the parade, we walked down to the festival at the park.  Alex made friends with a clown and got some ‘clown money’ as a souvenir.


We allowed each child to spend $5 at the festival. 
The boys chose to use their money to buy some time on the inflatables. 
Jensyn took her money straight to a jewelry booth and bought a pretty princess bracelet.


We had lunch, walked around, ran into some friends and chatted a bit, and then let the kids cool their feet in the fountain before we headed home for the rest of the afternoon.

This little sweetheart doesn’t nap anymore, but she simply couldn’t keep her eyes open after such a fun morning.  She was snuggled on the couch watching TV with Daddy, and her eyes kept closing on her.  She ended up sleeping on Daddy for almost an hour.  I must say…I was VERY jealous of that cozy snuggle!


At night, we headed back to the park for fireworks.  We sat with a friend from church & her little boy, and our kids ran around together and played until the fireworks started.  It’s impossible to take a good picture of fireworks without a good camera, but Jensyn asked me to try. 


I also took a little video for her.  It’s not a great video, but I love that I will be able to look back and remember her sweet little voice at 4 years old. 

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