Monday, August 24, 2015

Camping 2015

We only fit in two camping trips this year.  It’s at that point when we question if it’s worth it to own the camper!  The kids overheard us talking, and they are horrified at the thought of selling the camper.  So for now, it stays.  We’ll see how often it gets used next year, and then bring up the discussion again.

Our first camping trip was a rather wet trip to a campground in Bristol, IN called Eby’s Pines.  My brother’s family loves that campground, so we thought we would give it a try.  We had a nice weekend, but the weather kept it from being a great weekend.  I hope we can try again next year!

Our second trip was close to home, as Max had a soccer game that weekend.  It was hot, but the only rain came during the night, so that was nice!  We enjoyed the campground, cooled off in the lake, left for Max’s soccer game and an air-conditioned lunch at McDonalds, and then headed back to the campground to jump in the lake again.

Here’s a random assortment of pictures from our second trip. I don’t think I took many pictures on the first trip because of the rain.  These are all cell phone pictures, so the quality is nothing great…

LOTS of time at the beach, which was perfect for the hot weather!  It’s so nice that the boys can both swim decently enough that they don’t need floaties.


Using a pool noodle, filled with water, to spray water all over0815151540e


Obstacle Course at the campground
obstacle course at the campground

roasting marshmallows

We have a great debate over the best way to roast marshmallows.
Daddy and the boys like to set them on fire and eat blackened s’mores.
Mommy likes them lightly and evenly toasted.
Jensyn likes them slightly melty, but still white.

The boys had a great time biking down this hill, over and over again.
I think Daddy is the one in this picture, but it’s hard to get a picture of a blur of bikes!

Every Saturday night, this campground has a “Gotta Glow To Go” wagon ride around the campground.  Kids (and parents, if you’d like) parade around the campground on a tractor-pulled wagon.  Campers wave and cheer as the kids come by, and many of the seasonal sites have special light shows on their campers.  It’s fun!  We do this every year!  This year’s ride was super-speedy.  I still enjoyed it, but it was almost scary-fast this year!

Our campsite neighbors were the BEST!  They were two adult couples, both of whom have older children that did not come along on this trip.  They had three dogs, and our children adored the dogs.  We couldn’t keep our kids away, and these sweet couples were SOOOO good to our kids.  They even came out to wave to our kiddos on the glow ride route.


Alex fell asleep wearing his glowing glasses.  He slept this way all night.
I know the picture didn’t turn out, but it is still hilarious, and I want to remember it!

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