Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Max’s 6th Birthday

Max has been counting down the days until his birthday for MONTHS!  I’ve never seen a child so excited for his birthday to arrive.  Turning 6 was a big deal for him!

He chose to have a Jurassic World theme for his birthday party.  He’s never seen the movie, nor will he for a long time, but he loves dinosaurs!  (I find this hilarious and ironic, as Max was beyond terrified when we went through the dinosaur exhibit at Indianapolis Children’s Museum two years ago.  Keith had to take him out of the room because he was so upset!)

As usual, Grandma P made his birthday cake.  Jessica is off to college (!) this year, so Grandma had to go it alone.  She still made a wonderful cake, and Max loved it!  The smaller dinosaurs on the cake are from Grandma S.  When our kids stayed there for a few days earlier this month, Max found the dinosaurs and decided they would make great cake decorations.

So far, our children have had a special friend party when they turn 5.  All the rest of our birthday parties are family-only events.  We were missing a few special people this year, due to heading off to college, work schedules, and sickness, but we still had a nice group to celebrate Max!  That’s what our outgoing little guy wanted – a whole lot of people to come to his party!

Max knew in advance that he would be receiving Skylanders Trap Team game from us, as he was with me when I bought it.  It was on clearance, and I had a $10 coupon, so I couldn’t pass up the deal.

He also received a Jurassic World Lego set, a Super Soaker gun, several characters and traps for his Trap Team game, a kindergarten workbook, two Funny Gears sets, a Toy R Us gift card, cash, and several dinosaur puzzles.  (Plus, Kevin & Annie gave him his presents a few weeks ago – a ginormous inflatable frisbee and a checkers game.)

It’s a little crazy with all the kiddos around!

Lance and Jensyn having a cute moment…

checking out the presents

Woohoo!  Max was excited about this one!

Jurassic Park birthday banner, a bunch of spiral decorations
left over from previous parties, and his fun dinosaur cake…

lighting the candles and singing ‘Happy Birthday’

after the candles were blown out…

fun on the trampoline, playing with leftover boxes and bags

The party was on the 23rd, the day before Max’s birthday.  We wanted his actual birthday to be special, too, so we saved the Trap Team game for Max to unwrap on his special day. 

On his birthday, Max picked to stay in his jammies all day.  I told him we’d take the day off of school in honor of his birthday. He also chose homemade pancakes for breakfast and Kraft mac ‘n cheese for lunch.   I told him I would make whatever he wanted for dinner, and he told me, “I want pizza.  With sausage and pepperoni.  And red peppers and green peppers.  And I don’t want you to make it.  I want it to come from a restaurant.”

I emailed Keith at work, and he told me to go ahead and order the pizza since it was Max’s birthday request.  So we had our pizza dinner, gave Max his present, and spent the evening playing Trap Team.  We ended the day with leftover cake.  It was an all-around nice day!

Max, I’m not quite sure where the past 6 years have gone.  In my mind, you’re this little guy…


…or maybe even THIS little guy….


Somehow you’ve grown way-too-quickly into an amazing, fun-loving, energetic, dramatic, and mischievous six year old with a great big heart.  We miss the baby you once were, but we love the boy you are growing to be.  We pray that you’ll continue to face the world with a smile on your face, excitement in your eyes, and love for Jesus in your heart.  We love you, Maxwell Corbin!  Happy SIXTH birthday!

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