Monday, November 3, 2014

School Pictures

A sweet mom in our homeschool co-op offered to do school pictures of the children a few weeks ago.  She took pictures of each individual child, and she also took a group photo of each age group.

Here are the school pics of my kiddos…reasons to laugh, smile, and pull out our hair.  Let me tell ya – our children’s unique personalities came out to play during these photo sessions!


Let’s start with the littlest – she was in a MOOD.  She wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken.  I finally bribed her by telling her that, if she smiled, she could watch Frozen when we got home.  Her smile lasted about half a second, and thankfully, the photographer was able to snap the shot at just the right time.  Here’s how she spent most of her time…

(quick cell phone pic)schoolpics1

the “I bribed my child to smile” photo, and the amazing
photographer caught that brief grin at just the right moment…
On to Max…
…who was having a good ‘ol time playing in the leaves like the wild child he is Smile
(cell phone pic)

the real photo…
proving that he can settle down and focus when necessary, which is a
surprising trait I am discovering as he does more seatwork at home this year.


And then there’s my oldest…I wasn’t there when his photo was taken.
I guess he stubbornly insisted on having his beanie baby, Rocket,  in the picture.

We took a picture (sans bird) in the backyard at home.
It doesn’t have the same photo quality, but it doesn’t have a bird either Winking smile

You can see both the good and the bad in our children’s personalities when you look at these pictures. 

You can see the sassy, moody little three year old girl…who can also be sweet as can be, charming everyone around her. 

You can see the wildly energetic five year old boy who is always in motion, and you can see the gentler side of him as well.  (Although that little sparkle of mischief is still in his eyes.) 

You can see the stubborn, determined six year old who was going to have his own way no matter what…and you can see the sweet, compliant boy who likes to please others.

It’s hard work being a parent – trying to balance allowing for a child’s unique personality, yet still trying to help them develop good character skills and attitudes.  There are days where Keith & I feel like we’re doing pretty well, and there are days where we wonder if we are ruining our children.  (Please tell me that’s how every Mama feels some days!)

We’re so honored that God has entrusted us with these three little ones, who are growing to be not-so-little far too quickly.  Oh, how I pray that He can use the seeds we are planting in these little ones, molding their unique personalities, and growing them to be wonderful and faithful followers of Him!

(For the sake of privacy, I won’t post the group photos of my children with their classmates. )

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