Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wild Mulberries

We have a beautiful tree line along the farm ditch behind our house.  I absolutely love looking out our back windows during the summer, as it feels like we live in our own little wilderness.  It’s so pretty!

The kids have been playing along the ditch line (it’s not easy to get to the ditch, so it’s pretty safe), and they discovered wild berry bushes.  They’ve been thoroughly enjoying helping themselves to fresh snacks when they play outside!


I was a little nervous about them eating the berries at first, but Keith assured me that he grew up eating these wild berries.  Now, our children get the same joy of eating wild mulberries right in their own backyard.


I cannot say how thankful I am for where we live – it’s a wonderful, quiet neighborhood with wonderful neighbors, yet the kids still have plenty of room to explore and have fun outside!

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