Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Double Rainbow!

Last week, as we drove home from swimming lessons one evening, we were driving into the sunshine.  To the north of us and behind us (east), we saw ugly tannish-gray storm clouds. 

About halfway home, it started to rain lightly.  We were still driving directly into the sunshine, so I told the kids that they would have to look for a rainbow as soon as we turned the corner.  Max strained in his car seat to turn, and he caught a glimpse of the rainbow.  Alex & Jensyn weren’t able to turn enough in their buckles, and they were anxiously waiting to see.

As soon as we turned on to our street, I stopped the car for a few minutes so the kids could admire the rainbow.  Jensyn excitedly shrieked, “It’s my VEWY FIRST WAINBOW!!!!  It’s sooooo boo-tee-full!!!”  (I’m sure she’s seen them before, but she doesn’t recall it!)


Once they had looked for a few minutes, they wanted to hurry home and tell Daddy.  We all stood in the driveway (while the rain sprinkled down on us…) and watched as a second rainbow appeared.  It’s not very bright in the pictures, but it was very pretty!


Jensyn posing with her ‘vewy first wainbow’…


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