Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The ladies in Keith’s family went Christmas shopping on Saturday.  As I loaded the big stroller into the car, Keith asked me why I didn’t just take the umbrella stroller since the boys would be home with him. 

I told him he just didn’t understand…we NEEDED the double stroller!  It didn’t serve just as a stroller; it was also our coat rack and shopping bag holder!  This picture was taken as proof of the need for the double stroller :D

This little lady was an EXCELLENT shopper.  She behaved so well, and she was such a sweetie.  No matter what clothing department we were in, she found EVERYTHING pink and sparkly.  Too cute!


I never take my kids to the mall.  As a matter of fact, unless I’ve forgotten something, I haven’t been in the mall since last Christmas.  (I’ve been in Kohl’s a few times, but that’s it.)  My kids never get mall treats.  Jensyn was THRILLED when I bought her a pink strawberry lemonade as a treat for being such a good girl!  The best part was she didn’t have to shared it with anyone!


That trip JUST ABOUT finished off my Christmas shopping.  Hooray!  I need to pick up a few stocking stuffers, print a few Amazon gift cards, and buy an item that I can pick up here in town.  Then comes the wrapping….ugh…the wrapping :(  I think I will lock myself in the bonus room with a cup of hot cocoa, Netflix,  and a few good episodes of “Call The Midwife” some weekend day when Keith can watch the kiddos!

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