Sunday, December 8, 2013

recent Wednesday projects with the kiddos

One of my Facebook friends (Kimberly) posted a cute handprint art project that she’d done with her kids.  Baby Jesus in a handprint manger…too cute! She did it on canvas as a keepsake; we just did it on construction paper.

I was quite surprised that, doing this with 5 kids, it went very smoothly!  No paint all over the house…no giant messes…impressive!  (Now, that all went out the window when I let them ‘free paint’ after this.  Good thing Crayola paint is washable, as there were lots of dirty clothes before they were finished!  I’m also out of tempera paints…time for a trip to Hobby Lobby for more craft supplies!)

On that day, we also did some fun Nativity printable pages together, but there are no pictures of that.

(Since I asked Kimberly a few questions, and since I was asked a few questions when sharing this on FB, it is a brown upside-down handprint.  You can finger paint or brush-paint the hay.  We brush-painted.  Baby Jesus can be made with thumbprints or paintbrushes.  Because we had a houseful of kids, I opted to brush-paint the baby in each manger.  Thumbprints would definitely be a cuter, more kid-centered projected, though!)

On the day before Thanksgiving, we learned about cornucopias, talked about things we were thankful for, made sugar corn cornucopias filled with homemade trail mix, and made cornucopia mini placemats.  (They were only as big as I could fit through my laminator!)

The placemats were quite simple.  I used a pattern found HERE for the cornucopia and the fruit shapes.  I did digitally edit the cornucopia file so that it would print with a fun border, but otherwise, it was ‘as is’ from the website.  After the kids glued on their fruits, I cut out around the border, glued it to colored paper, and ran it through my laminator.  My kids have enjoyed using these placemats for the past week.  (Not that Alex’s face shows that, but her really has!)



Sugar Cone cornucopias – filled with cheerios, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and teddy grahams.  I know it’s an odd combination, but it’s what we had in the house!  Open-mouthed smile

I have permission to share these sweet little faces…aren’t they ADORABLE?! 
We’re so lucky to enjoy their company on Wednesdays!

Max is sometimes very anti-camera, so Max…if you ever read this…you WERE here! 
You just didn’t want your picture taken on this day!


This was totally unrelated to Thanskgiving, but we also enjoyed making homemade pizza together…I love letting the kids take control over their pizza!  It’s barely-organized chaos, but it’s FUN!


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