Thursday, September 19, 2013

Max’s School (LHTH Unit 8)


Max’s four-eyed B-B-Bee from B week at his homeschool co-op preschool class
& Max’s square-shaped show and tell (Wedgits) that he brought to co-op


Max turned 4 years old at the end of August.  We are using Little Hands To Heaven preschool program, which is adjustable for ages 2 – 5, by Heart of Dakota.  I’m trying to post enough to give you an accurate idea of what is covered in Little Hands To Heaven, yet leave it vague enough that you can’t use this post as a replacement for the teacher’s manual.  It’s full of fun ideas and activities to fill 20 – 30 minutes per day with active, creative learning that is centered on Christ.

G is the letter for this unit.  Using this giant G page (made by me), Max drove his MicroDrifters cars around the letter.  I’d asked him to trace it with his finger, but he had other plans…and I thought it was really cute and fun!

IMG_0243Later in the week, he traced the G with crayon…and then Jensyn grabbed it and ‘traced’ it, too.
Later in the week, he traced smaller Gs on another paper.
(These are pages that I made for him; they are not part of LHTH curriculum.)


We sang, “The G says /g/…every letter makes a sound…” (the LeapFrog song) each day.

Finding the Gs/gs in this week’s page…he did this while I was out of the room,
so there are some errors.  (This paper IS included in the LHTH manual, but I retyped it because some of the pages in our manual had been written on.)


We were out of masking tape for a few weeks, and all three kids were excited to find that Mommy had made a giant G in the hallway.  Alex and Jensyn found it first, and they were giggling and dancing on the G.  Max ran, danced, and slithered on it Winking smile


Max & Jensyn made cotton ball Gs.  Jensyn are not being saved, but Max’s are hanging in the stairway leading to our bonus room so that we can admire & review the alphabet letters.


Max drew a door in each box to remind us of the blood on the doorframes of the Hebrew families.  Then *HE* wrote 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (out of order…but he wanted to do it) in the little boxes.


The kids played in a miniature “Nile River” with foam fish and plastic turtles.  After a while, I handed Max an open packet of unsweetened red kool-aid.  (We were out of red food dye, and I only keep kool-aid powder on hand for coloring/scenting homemade PlayDoh…so our Nile River was cherry scented, lol!)


We talked about what it must have been like to see a river with water that had turned to blood – no drinking, no washing, no swimming, no fishing…


Since the Israelites followed a cloud/fire as they were leaving Egypt, we played Follow The Leader.  It was very hard to get good pictures of this, but all 3 kids had a BLAST!


When the Israelites (Hebrew people) left Egypt, they were given many jewels.
With this in mind, Max cut, counted, and glued 8 jewels.  8 was his number of the week.

We used Max’s MicroDrifters (again…) to work on ordinal numbers. 
He put the cars in the line, and we determined which was in first, second, third…last…etc.

(This tied in to Pharaoh’s FIRSTborn and other FIRSTborn sons being killed because of the tenth plague.)


One REALLY special thing this week is that Alex’s Unit 8 LHFHG stories have matched up PERFECTLY with Max’s Unit 8 LHFHG stories.  I don’t think it’s intended to match up so perfectly, but it’s been fun for the boys to have the SAME stories each day.  It has made it so fun to match up some of our activities together!

We placed a strip of thick masking tape down the middle of white paper, drew fish with crayons, and the painted with watercolors to make the Red Sea.  When the papers dried, we removed the tape to reveal the path down the middle of the sea!


Mommy helped him a bit with the stars.


One day, we hunted for “manna” (vanilla wafers) on the living room floor and then made paper airplane “quail” to remind us of how God provided for the Israelites in the desert when they fled from Egypt.



working in his Rod & Staff workbooks (Book B of the 3/4 yr old series)


We really like this devotion book!  I purchased used copies of ALL FOUR devotion books that have been recommended for use with LHTH (two in the old version of the manual, and two in the new version of the manual).  Of all four books, this one is our very favorite! 
(The other 3 have been resold, so we’re not out any money.)


The Teensiest Preschooler Smile

Jensyn recently started choosing to participate during school time.
She LOVES singing and attempting the fingerplays/rhymes with us every week!

She’s also getting very interested in doing the art projects with us, although she tends to follow her own directions! Open-mouthed smile

Here is Jensyn’s “crossing the Red Sea” art…her red sea path is SOAKED with water/paint, but she had fun.

When we learned about the Israelites in the desert, I made a paper quail for Jensyn.  I colored the eyes, beak, and feathers.  Jensyn decorated it with crayon.


Jensyn also searched the living room for manna (vanilla wafers) with the boys.


Unfortunately for poor Jensyn, she spent part of Unit 8 like this…sound asleep on the couch.  She had a fever and a bit of a tummy bug.  (Yes, that’s my cell phone next to her.  I put it in airplane mode, and she was entertaining herself by pushing buttons and pretending to make calls…and then she conked out.)  She shared it with the boys, and they spent the following week sick.  Thanks to all the sickness, Unit 8 lasted for 3 weeks in our house!!


Most of the other pictures are above – she loves to color, participate in the hands-on activities, and make her own alphabet letter for the week.  I don’t think she’s getting too much Bible knowledge yet, but she’s only 2.5.  We’ll get there when she’s ready!

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