Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Edible Cake Mix Playdough

We were searching for an edible playdough to take the place of the peanut butter playdough suggested in a project in our homeschool curriculum.  Alex is allergic to peanuts, and we needed a good, edible alternative.


I searched online, coming up with several different recipes that used cake mix.  We did our own thing after combining several recipes that we found, and we ended up with this simple recipe!  The playdough is a bit greasy, so don’t wear your best clothes for this edible fun!


This is NOT my own idea, but I don’t have an original source for the idea, so I don’t mind sharing it here.

Cake Mix Playdough

1 box white cake mix (reserve 1/4 cup)
1 stick margarine, softened (but NOT melted)
2 – 3 Tbsp water

In a mixing bowl, combine dry cake mix with margarine.  (Add food coloring now if desired.)  Use an electric mixer to ensure that it’s well mixed.  Slowly add in water until you have reached your desired consistency.  Use the reserved cake mix to thicken your dough if necessary.

My kids had TONS of fun with this dough! They helped make it, loved playing with it, and thought it tasted delicious!  (I agree – it was yummy!)  It’s definitely not healthy, so after a few bites, I told them to save a lot so they could play with it again later.

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