Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All About Reading Level 1 Update

We took the summer off from doing All About Reading Level 1, but we’ve just started back with Lessons 22 – 24 this week. 

We are so amazed by the progress that Alex made over the summer.  Somehow, just taking that time to absorb what he learned from February – May really helped him to build confidence and become a little reader!

He is now reading easy readers, reading signs everywhere we go, reading ads in magazines, reading words on the TV screen….reading, reading, reading!

On our first day getting back into AAR, we played the Silly Sock matching/reading game, and then Alex read to me from the Unit 22 fluency pages.   Just using what he learned in the first 21 lessons, he’s become quite the reader in the past few months!  He still has more to learn, but his confidence in reading is very obvious!

Adding a sticker to show his progression through the lessons…


Going through a word flipper book & acting out the words
(Yes, sometimes I teach Luigi…)




one of the few actual worksheets we’ve seen so far in AAR Level 1


He also read the story called, “Lost In The Bog” this week.  It’s a cute little story about a turtle named Gump.  I love that he’s beginning to put expression into his reading!  That’s the sign of a child who is becoming a more confident reader, and it’s SO FUN to hear him!

His only struggle this week was in Lesson 24’s magnet tiles.  I had made the word throb.  On the tiles, it’s like this:
      th   r   o  b

He had a hard time with putting the TH and R together, and he kept saying “thorb”.  We worked it out, but we are going to repeat lesson 24 again to make sure that he gets a little extra practice with sounding out blends using the magnet tiles.

This is still the ONLY reading program that I’m willing to consider for my kiddos.  We have completely fallen in love with All About Reading!

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