Thursday, August 15, 2013

THIS Is What It’s All About!

If you’re one of my Facebook friends, you’ve already seen these pictures.  Since our blog serves as our family’s memory book, I wanted to share these here.

We’re using Little Hearts For His Glory (Heart of Dakota Publishing) for Alex’s schooling this year.  On the fifth day of each unit, students are asked to share the verse with a family member or friend.  You can call someone, tell someone in person, have Mom write it so you can decorate it and mail it to Grandma, or find another way to share it!

I asked Alex if I could record him saying the verse so that we could share the video with someone.  He asked me, “Do you think I could write it instead?”

I said yes, thinking he would get started and run out of enthusiasm for his little project when he realized that it would be a LOT of writing for a little boy who doesn’t have much patience for a simple handwriting practice page.

Alex astonished me by having the determination to write out the WHOLE VERSE!  He knew the words; I just had to help him with the spelling on longer words and remind him to leave a space between words.


And those words?  THIS is what it’s all about…THIS is what we want our children to know and do!  We want to lead our children to Jesus!  THIS is the main reason that homeschooling is so very important to me – it gives us the opportunity to center all of our learning around JESUS!

These words are on a dry erase board.  If only I’d know he would be so dedicated to writing the whole verse.  I’d have this on paper, framed and hanging on our wall forever.  Instead, this will eventually get smeared or even erased. 

These pictures will be my reminder.  I will always treasure these pictures and this memory.  I’m so proud of my little boy’s determination, and I am grateful that we have the opportunity and the freedom to center his education around the word of God!

How I pray that, in Alex’s life (and the lives of Max and Jensyn), these words will be true.  I pray that they will choose to come to Jesus and live their lives for Him!

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