Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Three-Eyed Monster

My sister Donna pointed out that this isn't a very scary monster, but he's awfully cute! (That way I'm not bragging my own kid, ha ha!)

We borrowed this costume from my friend Phonesavanh (pronounced Ponn-suh-vonn, if you wondered). Her little guy wore it last year, and I commented on how cute it was. She said she'd picked it up at a garage sale, and she told me to take it for Alex. Unless she objects, we might just hang onto it for Max to wear!

We only had TWO trick-or-treaters, and they weren't even from our neighborhood. We sure are glad that Jackson & Emma stopped by in their adorable costumes! Alex watched them walk away, and he said, "More. More. More!" He stood at the window for quite a while hoping that it would happen again, but there was no such luck. Instead, we have a lot of Reeses to eat...we don't mind one bit!

We didn't take Alex trick or treating, and our church decided to try something new instead of the usual Pumpkin Chase - which is an indoor fall festival with hotdogs, games, and cookie decorating. Instead, they had a bonfire with hotdogs & a hayride. Some of the kids were wearing costumes, and since Alex's was nice & warm (and it was COLD outside!) we put him in his costume for the evening.

The best part of Alex's night was definitely the TRACTOR! Alex was fascinated with it. He even had the privelege of sitting up high on a REAL tractor. What a lucky boy!

Later on, he even got to "drive" the tractor with Daddy. He had the biggest grin on his face, but I didn't manage to catch a picture of it. Just know this, Alex - you were the happiest kid at the bonfire when you got to sit up high on the tractor with your daddy!

Zach R took us (lots of us, not just our family...) on a hayride through the field behind our church, next to our church, through the front parking lot, and through the neighborhood next to the church. Alex just sat quietly on Keith's lap, taking it all in. I think he enjoyed it! (I did, too, but it was a CHILLY night!)

Since it was so chilly, we left Max at home. Not alone, of course! Grandma & Papa offered to come over & watch him while we were gone. So, I guess they were Max's first official babysitters...although I doubt that Max even knew we were gone!

Since a few people asked me, Max didn't dress up for the occasion. He was a baby. Call me practical, but I saw no point in getting a special costume for a kid who wasn't going trick or treating & didn't go to the bonfire! Sorry, Max - when you're big enough to know what's going on, you can wear a costume to the church festival!

Oh, and next year, I think we'll go to trunk-or-treat at a nearby church...since Alex will be big enough to actually use manners while getting candy! Just remind me a friends idea of the "Great Pumpkin" who allows you to trade in all your candy (except for your 15 favorite pieces...or whatever number you choose) for a new toy! That way, you still get candy, you still have fun, but you don't have a crazy sugar high or a pile of candy sitting in your cabinets until spring! ;)


Kat said...

I'm glad that Alex enjoyed the tractor!!!! =)

Erica helps with the trunk or treat every year...so you will see her there! (if you are going where I think you are...)

Dawn said...

Yep, that's where we are going! :)

Thanks for getting permission for Alex to "drive" the tractor!