Friday, November 6, 2009

Everyday Moments

Good morning, Mama!

I love his sweet baby face!

Alex HAS to be in the picture if he catches me taking pictures of Max. At least he loves his brother!

Hanging out in the boring bouncy while Alex was in the bathtub

Alex recently learned how to "swim" on his belly in the tub. He thinks he's pretty cool.

Max. I can't get enough of those wide-open, blue eyes.

Alex "drove" this rocking horse (no wheels - just rockers) from Max's bedroom all the way to the kitchen. EVERYTHING is a car when you're a toddler boy with a good imagination.

Oh, the drama. Daylight Savings Time brings out the UGLY in my kiddo! I told Alex he couldn't watch Curious George because he had to get dressed. He sobbed and carried on for a good 5 minutes. (This was only the beginning of the craziness that included yogurt dumped over his head & later Coke dumped over his head. All before 9 AM. What a morning!)

This must be the newest fashion. I saw another toddler at the mall yesterday dressed (or undressed...) quite similarly. (By the way, he was supposed to be napping when I caught him on his pony.)

Oh, how I love these sometimes nutty, sometimes sweet, sometimes naughty, always adorable little boys!

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