Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Month Visit(s)

Huh. I just looked it up.
Alex, at two months, weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz and measured 23.5 inches long.
Max weighs 11 lbs, 8 oz and measures 23.75 inches.

Just about the same. That's kind of neat! :)
Today, instead of seeing Dr. Brewer, we saw a fluffy bumble bee! I should have taken a picture, but I was afraid it might be a little too "camera nazi" (as Keith calls me...) to ask the pediatrician if I could take a picture of her dressed as a bumble bee. I think it's pretty neat that we have such a fun pediatrician, though! :)

Max is healthy, growing just fine, in the 50th percentile for weight & the 75th percentile for height. Dr. Brewer had no concerns. He might have a bit of thrush, so she gave me a prescription...but he had just nursed, too, so it's possible that he just had milk on his tongue.

Here's Alex hanging out with Grandma P during the appointment. Dr. Brewer gave him a pack of Halloween crayons to keep busy, so Alex and Grandma colored on the paper.
Here's Alex at his 2 month visit. Even then, he was fascinated with all the equipment on the wall. Now, it's hard to keep him from touching it when he's on the table!

I'd asked Grandma if she would mind staying in the car with Alex so he wasn't exposed to any flu germs in the waiting room, and she was willing to do that. (He had the regular flu vaccine last month, but hasn't had the H1N1 vaccine.) When I signed in, though, I talked with the mother of one of my former students. She's working at the pediatrician's office now, and she got us straight into a room without any I ran out to the car & told Alex and Grandma to come on in. We were 25 minutes early, too! :)

We also visited with Nana and Melissa at Cracker Barrel. Melissa is Nana's helper, and she's the mom of 3 boys. She's good at cuddling Alex & Max! Here are a few pictures from our breakfast.

Breakfast was first, then the pediatrician, and THEN we stopped at The Chocolate Shoppe for lunch...and we STILL made it home for naptime! Wow!
Now, we just have to wait & see how poor little Max reacts to his vaccinations. Alex felt miserable for about 24 hours after his 2 month shots. Hopefully Max isn't so miserable...I hate to see my little ones suffering! We'll just keep giving him Tylenol & hope for the best!

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Kat said...

Oh no yucky thrush! :( I hope for your sake it was just milk on his tongue!!!

Glad to hear he is so healthy and growing so perfectly! Keep up the good work mom! ;)