Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day at the Mall

Last week, I took the boys to get their pictures taken at Picture People. I wanted to get there before Max outgrew his "Little Brother" onesie.

I try to take turns inviting family to come along for pictures, and I'd planned to ask my mom to come along. Unfortunately, that didn't work out...but Deb & Donna were able to come along, and it turned into a pretty nice day.

We got the first appointment of the day - 10 AM. Both boys were awake and happy, which I still find absolutely unbelievable! The photographer was GREAT at positioning the boys and capturing shots in that brief moment before kiddos moved or looked away. We got some great pictures that made me smile! :)

I exercised as much willpower as I could, getting just the free package with coupon, an extra page of 4x6s for aunts & uncles, and one photo sheet to fill our frame at home. There are so many other portraits that I *wish* I could have gotten, as well, but it's so pricy! I went in determined to keep it minimal, but it was TOUGH!

Alex got SPOILED on this day! Alex got to go on his first carousel ride at the mall, and he just LOVED it! We don't go to the mall often, but when we do, Alex loves to stand and watch the carousel. Aunt Deb treated Alex to his very first ride. He picked his horse, and he smiled the whole time! Thank you, Aunt Deb!

We had lunch at Subway, with a very special dessert - FREE cookies! We happened to be at the mall on the day that Mrs. Fields was giving away one free cookie per person between 11 AM and 1 PM. Yum!

Alex also got to ride on the escalator...which might not sound that special, but it's the first time I've let him stand on an escalator on his own two feet. He held my hand while his aunties & baby brother waited at the bottom. We went up and down, up and down. He was thrilled!

We'd borrowed Karen's double stroller - the Joovy Caboose - to try it out, and Alex loved that, too! He thought it was pretty neat to sit on the jumpseat on the back!

I'm not sure there's anything about this day that Alex didn't enjoy! I had a lot of fun, too, and enjoyed sharing a day with my sisters!

Max? He was just along for the ride. ;)

(I'll post the Picture People photos just as soon as I figure out where the scanner cord is hiding!)

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Kat said...

What a fun day! =) It's the little things in life that are so thrilling!!!!

I love the picture, and I am proud of you for sticking to your original purchase plan...I don't think I could have been as strong! ;) Good for you!