Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My friend Karen gave Alex a Playdoh octopus set as a big brother gift. We already had some playdoh for kids I babysat, but now we have a lot more fun tools & toys! I pulled out the playdoh from time to time after Alex turned one, but he was more interested in eating it than in playing with it.

Now, finally, he's getting the idea! We can sit at the table & play for 30 minutes without playdoh entering Alex's mouth! :)

He usually chooses to play with yellow or orange dough. Poor Alex - his crazy mama only lets him use one color at a time, as I *hate* when the colors get mixed together. I probably need to get over it, don't I?!
He is not only learning how to use the tools, but also how to pick up what he has dropped and how to put away the playdoh and tools when we are finished. He's been very good about obediently putting away the tools when he's ready to climb down from the chair. I'm impressed!

On a funny note, I've left the playdoh box on the kitchen table for about 5 days...lazy me! I walked into the kitchen one day to find Alex sitting ON the kitchen table, pulling out his favorite toys & popping the lid off of a container of dough. Apparently, he was ready to play! (And, yes, he did get in trouble for sitting on the table...but, in his defense, it was the only way he could reach the playdoh!)


The Hamstras said...

I'm with you on not mixing colors :)

Kat said...

I finally had to let go with the mixing of the colors...

I decided that its her playdough, and she's just having fun =) (But...it was just recently that I let that go!)