Monday, August 17, 2009

Mama's Letter To Alex

(This post is one of those times where you'll have to remember that the blog is our online baby book. I'm almost hesitant to post this, since it's really just for Alex, but it belongs here...)

My Sweet Little Monkey,

It's August 17th, and your baby brother was due to arrive yesterday. Just like you, he's stubbornly holding out until he is ready to make an appearance. Dada & I are eagerly waiting to meet this little guy, and we hope that you will LOVE having a brother so close in age...once you adjust to the big changes this brings to your little world!

Alex, you are such an amazing wonder to us. God blessed us with a wonderful little boy, and we will always be grateful. It's hard to imagine our world before you joined our family. A day of quiet, the chance to stay up late at night & sleep in the next morning, a day without stepping on a Little People "guy"...I can imagine these things, but only for the briefest of moments. Honestly, our crazy, busy, often exhausting days are so much better than that quiet life. I wouldn't trade you for the world, kiddo!

  • are sweet, funny, determined, stubborn, curious

  • are developing your own sense of humor. You know what makes us laugh, and you're good at doing those things

  • have learned that funny faces make Mama laugh...fishy faces are the best! So are scrunchy-faced grins at unexpected times - like yesterday in the middle of communion at church.

  • desire to be obedient, although (of course) you often fall short of that goal

  • are learning new words and new skills every day

  • are a skinny little thing, but you LOVE to eat

  • have started telling me what you want for a snack - so cute, but sometimes challenging to figure it out!

  • have developed into a pretty good night-time sleeper, easily go down for naps, but don't require a ton of daytime matter how hard I try to get you to nap longer

  • are always on the go

  • love cars and trucks

  • love to run around outside in the yard

  • get very clumsy when you're tired (Daddy says you get that from me!)

  • think anyone on a tractor should take you for a ride - whether you know them or not, your little hands go out to any tractor, anywhere.

  • love electronic devices

  • enjoy attention from others - when you seek it

  • are often bashful when someone else tries to get your attention

  • love to clap along with music, "dance" by waving your arms around in the air, and are often requesting to listen to the song "Go - Go" (from VBS) or "Na Na" (Every Move I Make)

  • still say "Bup" rather than "up", and Mama dreads the day you consistently say this word correctly

  • love having stories read to you

  • run to the laundry room door, calling "Dada!!!!" when your daddy gets home from work. As soon as he's in the door, you're demanding to be "Bup!"

  • begin whining to eat dinner about 30 seconds after Daddy sets you down, even if dinner isn't ready

  • thrive on a basic daily routine - but not a tight schedule

  • can find mischief just about anywhere

  • like to climb

  • enjoy grocery shopping & running errands with Mama

  • told the mailman last week that he had a "Cool Cuh" (cool truck)

  • wave at the UPS man when he drives down our street

  • love to watch the garbage truck pick up our trash

  • have a bit of a temper when you get really angry. It makes me so sad when you throw your toys or bang your head against a wall to show your anger.

  • adore Papa, Grandpa, and other guys

  • love, love, LOVE to play with your Dada

  • love when Dada flips you upside down or tosses you on the bed

  • love to snuggle with Mama

  • do activities with Mama like coloring, painting, putting coins in your piggy bank, etc.

  • make me smile with your love for "Tate" (Mr. Potato Head)

  • are currently fascinated with Curious George, and you love to make monkey noises

  • love to wear your Bob The Builder hard hat, and you even wore it to Mama's midwife appointment a few weeks ago - much to their amusement

  • love to watch/help Daddy when he's working with tools or electronics

  • call everything that Daddy does a "dada" - the tractor is a "dada", the sprinkler is a "dada", and now, the curtains that Daddy hung in your big boy room on Saturday are "dada", too.

  • watched Daddy & Papa hook up our new washer, and now you call the hot/cold water lines "Papa" because your Papa hooked those up

  • are slowly learning the spoken words for many of your sign language words ("mo" for more is your newest)

  • use the word "more" correctly, but also use it to mean, "I want that!" For example, we walked past the bulk candy bins at Meijer last week and you said/signed, "MO!!!!!!" You hadn't had any, but you figured using the word more would earn you some candy. (Sorry, it didn't work, bud!)

  • made me laugh today when you picked a tomato in our backyard, then took a big bite from it. I think you expected it to be sweet.

  • made me laugh again when you grabbed the grocery store flyer out of my hands, pointed at the apples, and said, "Mmmmm!"

  • cry when you're asked to come inside after playing outdoors

  • are getting very good at the word "no". Sigh. At least it's still cute, for now.

  • try to be my helper - handing me clean silverware from the dishwasher, unfolding the laundry I just folded, taking garbage to the kitchen trash can, bringing me the cordless phone when it rings, follow me with your own little watering can when I water plants

  • notify me when you want your diaper changed (by signing diaper)

  • love YouTube videos like "Elephant Song", "Rain, Rain, Go Away", and "Five Little Monkeys"

  • recently discovered how good ice cream is

  • inform me when you've done something naughty. Either you say "Uh-oh!" or you hold out your hand to be spanked...leaving Mama to figure out why you deserve the spanking!

  • spanked your own diapered bottom today after taking things out of the recycle bin

  • are getting the hang of your paint with water book, and you love to sit on a kitchen barstool while you paint

  • would love it if you could play in your toy fire truck all day, every day

  • enjoy looking through a little photo album of your newborn pictures, but don't understand that the baby is YOU!

  • are doing an excellent job in your "big boy bed", and you're so proud of your new big boy room

  • have a fascination with flies right now, and have actually managed to swat and kill a few flies in the past week

  • are so cute when you "keek" your little soccer ball

  • are learning to play with Maggie, rather than just bugging her

  • are so sweet at bedtime that Mama hates to say goodnight! I love the way you climb in the glider chair and grin, knowing that you just took Mama's seat...then giggle when I pretend to sit on you! I love how you snuggle in my lap for a Bible story, songs, and prayer. I love how you say "Ameeen" when we're finished praying. I love how you "pretend" to hide from my kisses when I tuck you into bed. I love how you grin & wave good night to me as I shut off your bedroom light.

I could go on & on about the things that make you special, but naptime is only so long! Your dada could probably add many other thoughts to this list, but this letter is just from Mama. So, Little Stinker, just know that you are a unique & wonderful treasure to us, and Daddy & I love you so very much! Thanks for being such a delight to us each & every day! We love you!

Love Always,



Wilson Ramblings said...

what a precious post! I think posts like this remind other moms and dads to document these kinds of things for our kiddos to have later! Great letter to Alex! He's such a cutie! Thanks for keeping up with our tot school posts! We love doing it and sharing with everyone! :)

The Hamstras said...

You're such an amazing mother. Thanks for being you :)