Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleepover, Anniversary, and Birthday

Alex had a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa S's house a few weeks ago. Other than my hospital stay, we've never had a night without Alex...and I'm not sure that really counts (even though we're very grateful to Aunt Deb for taking him...) as a night without Alex.

It takes a little effort to hand over our boy. We've chosen not to do that up until now, but we figured it made sense to have a night off before adding a newborn to the family. It's also good for Alex to have a night away from Mama & Daddy, I suppose.

Grandma & Grandpa took Alex to an old car show at a local car dealership. They had 5 cent hotdogs for supper. They came home, played in the yard, and Alex helped grandpa water the flowers. Grandma got Alex settled in the pack n play, and he slept ALMOST 12 hours straight! They had to wake him to get ready for church! That's not my boy! Do you think they wore him out? Otherwise, they need to teach us their trick! :)

They claim that Alex said two new words for them. I think they're just trying to make us feel bad about leaving our boy. (ha ha!) Anyway, we haven't heard these words at home yet, but Alex said "flower" as clear as day, and he finally came close to pronouncing truck correctly - "cruck".

While Alex was busy having fun with Grandma & Grandpa, Keith and I went to Chicago to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We'd been trying to come up with a plan, but neither of us are good at coming up with creative things to do. Keith suggested a boat ride on the Chicago river, as we'd really enjoyed a PBS show about that a while back. ( What can I say - we're nerds!) We took a 90 minute tour sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation...very neat narration of the history of many of the buildings along the river! The most amusing thing we learned is that Chicago comes from a Native American word meaning "stinky onion". Nice, huh?

In true "Keith & Dawn" fashion, we didn't get dressed up & kept things pretty low key. We headed closer to home, used an Olive Garden gift card that we've had since Christmas, and then got dessert at Cold Stone. We didn't have to scold anyone for dropping pasta on the floor, wipe any messy faces, or share our ice cream. Ahhh! ;)

At home, we enjoyed watching a movie...without having to wait until Alex was asleep. We went to bed at a decent time...without turning on a baby monitor. We got out of bed when WE wanted to get up in the morning...not when a little voice called, "Mama, Up!"

We had sausage & homemade pancakes for breakfast, had time to move Alex's big boy bed to his new room, and even made it to church early!

After church, we headed up to my parent's house for a late lunch with the family. Mom celebrated her 70th birthday on Sunday, and Dad asked all of us to come for lunch. He did all the planning & preparation.

There are no pictures of Alex's fun with Grandma & Grandpa, but there are a few pictures from Grandma's birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

As Keith said, here's hoping for 70 more years! ;)

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