Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wisconsin Dells

(I've been intending to 'steal' some pictures from other relatives, but figured that actually get this post up might be better than holding out until I work on my great intentions. Something is better than nothing!)

Each summer, my parents arrange for all of us to spend a weekend together as a family. For many years, we camped or stayed in cabins - sometimes in Michigan, sometimes in Wisconsin. Last year, we changed it up a bit & stayed at Chula Vista Resort in the Dells...for a very wet, partly powerless, but still very fun weekend. This year, we stayed at Chula Vista again. The weather was much more cooperative!

We had two 3-bedroom condos last year. This year, we stayed in 3 golf villas hotel rooms with a kitchenette & a loft with bunk beds.

The weather was perfect. It rained here & there, but never enough to interfere with our plans. We had meals together, did a lot of water "stuff", did a little shopping in downtown Dells, and each family had some of their own activities, too.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time with the camera, so we're a little lacking in the picture department.

(Holy Toledo, Batman! I got these pictures from my brother's Facebook page and they are HUGE! Sorry!)

My niece Katelynn with brother Dave at the resort

most of the girls went to get henna tattoos...Keith & I were taking a Dells Duck ride with Alex at the time

the typical family craziness

the waterpark - there are big slides and a kiddy splash area outside, a wave pool behind the big resort, and an indoor waterpark complete with a "water coaster", slides, kiddy splash area, medium-sized slides, hot tub, and lazy river.

Pregnant Mama and Alex spent a lot of time in the lazy river since water slides weren't an option. With Keith just recovering from mono, he chose to skip the slides this year, too.

One of our 3 golf-villa units - We gathered 18 (I think...) people into one unit for each meal.

Alex climbed in our suitcase to play with something that he's not allowed to touch at home - my hair dryer.

Alex really liked this little waterslide. We started with a few quick splashes in the "pool" at the bottom, and then he was ready to try it from the top. I just lifted him & set him on the top. Later, Grandpa helped Alex to climb the stairs.

(You can't see the front of my swimsuit top in this picture, but I just want to thank my mom for sewing the insert into my maternity suit. Most bathing suits are just a little too revealing, but she fixed that for me!)

He didn't want to get too wet, but Alex was curious about the water sprays.

Daddy teased Alex by wearing the pool floaty on his head.

Attractive, huh? ;)

Grandpa is brave enough to hold a very wet little boy.

Alex got to push elevator buttons quite often...a favorite of his! "Beeeeeeep!"

Deb & Tony, Justin & Derek, and Keith & I went mini-golfing while Alex played in the water with Grandma & Grandpa and the cousins. Afterwards, we enjoyed some very good ice cream...BEFORE lunch! (I love vacation!)

Pirate's Cove is our favorite place to mini-golf in the Dells. We have soooo many pictures of family members in these stocks. Justin volunteered to keep up the family tradition. If I knew where to look, I'd dig out a picture of Justin in these stocks when he was about 6 or 7 years old. My, how times flies!

Afterwards, we went to Dave & Diane's house for lunch before heading home. (How many people are lucky enough to have a sister who lives 15 minutes from the Dells?) Alex enjoyed their kitty, although he called it a "puppa" until Chino started meowing at Alex. Then Alex called the cat a "meow". Close enough, I guess. At least it's an improvement!

We ended the afternoon with yummy ice cream cake to celebrate a few family birthdays, then we hit the road and headed for home.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for spoiling us with such a fun family weekend!

(If you're bored, here's a rather dark video of Alex behind Dave & Diane's couch - trying to get the "puppa" to meow.)

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