Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taking Walks

You would think that we take walks outside, and we do...but not in these videos. Guess who's rather fond of the dog leash these days? It has far more uses than just dogs! Even Alex's cuddly little duck gets walked around the house! :)

In order to watch these videos, you must excuse the messy house - toys everywhere & junk on the kitchen table! Two of these videos were on a Saturday afternoon after a full day of play (and no work).



WALKING ALEX (sorry - hard to see b/c of the glare)


The Hamstras said...

SO cute!! I love that he's wearing the necklace in one of the videos.

Susie said...

I LOVE ALEX's laugh!! So sweet! Hope you are feeling better! I just saw your comment today and thought I'd leave my e-mail address here for you. We are still praying for you all!