Friday, May 8, 2009

Juicy Juice party

I've mentioned House Party before; it's the website where you can apply to host parties for companies that are looking to introduce new products. It's a great advertising concept - lots of people experience your product for free, and they also go home with lots of goodies bearing the company's logo.

We had the privelege of another House Party package. This time, it was Juicy Juice's new drinks. Interestingly, 2 other friends also received this House Party package. My friend Karen offered to host it at her house, so we turned 3 separate parties into one party.
We had sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies for lunch. Everyone got a chance to try the new Juicy Juice drinks, and then the kids played in Karen's backyard. Alex was in love with Karen's little house. He thought it was the neatest little thing! Oh, and Karen was smart enough to hang on to all the bubble wrap that was used to ship the juice - the kids had a ball popping all the bubbles!

Every guest went home with a reuseable Juicy Juice bag with coupons, mini decks of cards, growth charts, mini coloring books, and reuseable water bottles. It doesn't matter to me who wins the parties - it's just fun to attend & enjoy trying new products! This one was especially fun, since so many kids got a chance to have a fun afternoon!

Alex had so much fun in Karen's backyard. When we got home, he took a really l-o-n-g nap, so I know we wore him out! :)

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The Hamstras said...

We had lots of fun! Thanks for sharing with us :)