Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picture Overload - 17 Months

It's been quite a while since I've posted a bunch of pictures of our busy little boy. Enjoy! :)

See this excited face? Angie read our post about the dog eating Alex's last cookie, and she gave Alex a present at church a few weeks later...a package of Chips Ahoy. Thanks, Miss Angie!

He found it. He loves it. It's Alex's new "recliner". We just hope he's willing to give it up when Baby Bob is born...

This is a great way to keep Alex busy while we play cards. He has his own mini-deck from the Juicy Juice party. I love the card on his head!

Grandma S stayed with us after I got home from the hospital. Alex sure enjoyed her company! (We did, too!)
Grandma P with her grandkids

Mother & Daughter, both with casts... how often do you see that?

Mmmm, homemade whole grain waffles and fresh strawberries!

Even the busiest of boys has to take a break once in a while. Alex, my light sleeper, was napping so soundly that I was able to get pictures. That's a rare opportunity!

We are SOOOO blessed! See all these boxes & bags? It's all hand-me-down clothes from a friend who didn't want to mess with a garage sale. Trish wouldn't let us pay her a penny for all these clothes, sizes 6-9 months all the way up to 3T!! I was at her house that night, and she gave me ANOTHER bag full of clothes, too! We kept what we will use & are passing the rest along to another family from church. Alex should be all set through size 2T, other than maybe buying him a nice outfit for church & maybe some socks and shoes. Baby Bob gets Alex's clothes, hand-me-downs, and the neighbor's baby clothes (since our kiddos are spaced just right for sharing clothes).

We've got a Myrtle Beach post in the works, with a Wisconsin Dells post coming up in a few weeks. Nothing like packing in the fun stuff before the new baby comes along...


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Love the new blog!

Temeculamom said...

Wow! You make homemade whole grain waffles?!? I am so impressed! The sleeping photo is so sweet! He certainly is busy having lots of fun all the time. What happened to the Grandma and Great Grandma? :(