Tuesday, February 3, 2015

MFW K Unit 6 – Turtle (Max)

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In this unit, we learned the letter Tt for turtle.
Our Bible words were: I don’t quit; I persevere!


These are the books we enjoyed throughout the week – click on any book image below to read the book description on Amazon.  (We love to buy used copies; they’re usually in good shape, and the price is right!)

Too much time has passed, and I can’t remember which non-fiction books we read besides the two shown below.  Whoops!  Oh, and my kids always laugh at Mr. Putter & Tabby Run The Race.  It’s a silly story about perseverance.

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So, let’s just be honest…some days I remember to do calendar with Max.  Other days, I forget.  So we are not getting very far on our calendar board!  He knows his days, months, and numbers.  He’s starting to sound out CVC words. He’s learning every day.  So I’m not a failure (ha!), but calendar?  It happens when it happens.




Perseverance.  Running the race set before us.
Good stuff!

I don’t have any pictures, though.
Poor second child – let’s see if I even manage to post pictures of
Jensyn when it’s her turn for MFW K!


Learning about T and it’s /t/ sound.

Reading words! My little boy is READING WORDS!

Granted, he read ‘Sam’, ‘Ann’, and ‘man’…so it wasn’t much, but those are words, and he could read them!  I wish I’d been able to snap a picture at the moment he realized he had READ!  He looked at me with this amazing look of awe and said, “I can READ?”


Honestly, I think that this is my FAVORITE thing about homeschooling (academically, anyways…).  There’s something so special about being the one who is sitting there with your child as he figures out how to put the sounds together to make words.  It’s pretty amazing to watch  a child’s eyes LIGHT UP with joy when they realize they’ve read a word!  I’m so glad to be the one to watch my children’s excitement at learning to read.







Alex neved liked cuisenaire rods all that much, but Max really enjoys this activity!
I love how each child is so different!
DSCN3520 DSCN3524


I don’t think we did anything too ‘science-y’, other than reading lots of good books about turtles.  We did read some great non-fiction, though!


We made this cute little guy with construction paper, tissue paper, and clear contact paper.
Max was pretty proud of his cute little turtle.


(Jensyn is 3.5 years old.)

I don’t insist on participation from Jensyn.  She is free to join us or to wander away, but so far, she almost always wants to be a part of MFW K!  She sits with us as we read picture books, does the art or science projects, and completes papers or puzzles at the table.  She loves the Lauri alphabet puzzle included in MFW K!

We’ve filled a canvas bag with preschool workbooks and a crayon box.  She LOVES to sit at the table and do her own “work”!

She loves to sing the “A-A-Apple” song with us, and she loves to sing the Days & Months songs with Max, as well.

She can write her name with a reminder or two if she get stuck on how to make a Y or S.  She can count to 20.  She knows most of her uppercase alphabet letters.  She’s starting to color in the lines, although her color choices are usually hilarious!  She knows all of her colors, and I’m pretty sure she knows her shapes.


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