Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LHFHG Highlights, Units 26 - 30

I am SOOO far behind on posting Alex’s school that it’s not even funny.  There’s no way I could possibly manage to get caught up, if I’m honest with myself.  Just know that we ARE still pluggin’ away at Little Hearts For His Glory, and we’re nearing the end of this program!

Here are some of the things we’ve worked on in August & September, in reverse order from end of September to early August:

building a log cabin out of pretzel rods when we learned about
the Indiana cabin where Abe Lincoln lived as a child

finishing up the last few pages in Singapore Essentials Kdg math
(laughing because he’s eating a “log” from Abe Lincoln’s childhood cabin…)

Spelling You See, Level A
(We’re doing 2 pages from each unit…it’s a little easy for him, but it is good handwriting and spelling practice.)

building a covered wagon ($3 Hobby Lobby purchase)
as we learned about the pioneers traveling west


All About Reading in the car while waiting on brother in speech therapy


Spiderman math workbook

alex math

searching for gold after we read about the Gold Rush – it’s just an aluminum pie tin & some yellow paper scraps, but we did this over & over again – excuse the silly face…he WAS having fun!  I love the way HOD curriculum has such fun little activities to help cement a lesson in a child’s mind!


making a paper bag vest and decorating it with a river to recall
Meriweather Lewis’ (Lewis & Clark) journey


Dot To Dot in his math book (practicing number order)


collecting cotton balls…we learned about Samuel Slater
bringing the cotton mills to America

(obviously) learning about analog clocks

learning about the sun, earth, and moon

visiting Natural Bridge in Virginia

It’s believed that George Washington once surveyed this property, and we read earlier in LHFHG about George Washington’s surveying days.  This property was once owned by Thomas Jefferson.


They say these are George Washington’s initials carved into the rock behind Alex.  He’s posing while standing in a spot where George Washington may have walked long ago!


Another Virginia ‘field trip’ – a day at Colonial Williamsburg


mountains in Virginia (not even close to the exact spot that Alexander Spotswood once crossed, but general area…we learned about him earlier in the LHFHG guide)


“planting” 13 gum trees to represent the 13 colonies,
just like Alexander Hamilton once did


making a tri-corner hat like George Washington wore…I offered to buy him one in Colonial Williamsburg, but Alex said, “No thank you – I already have my own at home!”

pretending to milk a cow

Alex still REALLY enjoys the Rod & Staff workbooks –
good cutting, gluing, and thinking skills practice!

DSCN2160 1408637933351

addition and subtraction practice – math is NOT Alex’s favorites, so sometimes these pages take a LONG time.  He’d rather sit at the table for an hour and stubbornly refuse to do it, when he could get it finished in ten minutes & then go play. 
We’re working on diligence.  It’s not always a joy!


After we learned about Nancy Hart, who cooked dinner for the enemy British soldiers, then tricked them and captured them, and then playing a “Nancy Hart made ___ for dinner” memory game.


math practice with snap cubes

All About Reading 2 lesson


more Spelling You See


learning to make a star when we learned about Betsy Ross – Alex was SOOO proud of himself!

math – using dried beans as manipulatives

learning about George Washington crossing the Delaware River
…and then ME learning to NEVER leave children unattended with water! Winking smile

And NOW, I can breathe a deep sigh of relief.  Even though I’ve ‘cheated’ by not doing each unit separately, I can say that I am caught up on Alex’s school posts!

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