Thursday, May 15, 2014

“Muddy” (Clean!) Fun

I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t do it. 

Last year, one of my kiddos received a Mud Picnic set as a birthday gift.  You’re supposed to use MUD – real MUD – to make hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream.  It’s a darling little toy.  But I didn’t want them digging up the yard.  I cringed at the slimy mess that would undoubtedly end up in my laundry room and bathroom.  Call me a bad mama, but I just couldn’t do it.

This toy has been sitting on the garage shelves so we could bring it with us when we go camping.  If we were camping, they could jump in the lake and wash off after making a big muddy mess.  I could handle that.  We’re always dirty when we camp anyway.  Yet I never remembered to bring it along.

One of the boys asked about it a few days ago, and I felt so guilty for leaving such a fun toy on the shelves.  We decided to compromise and make mud-colored playdough.  I use THIS RECIPE from The Imagination Tree.  My table full of kiddos had a GREAT time playing together, and it continues to get used regularly.

It provided at least an hour of fun yesterday, and it’s been back out today for another ‘muddy’ picnic.  We may still bring it camping sometime, but at least now the toy has been put to good (clean!) use! 




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