Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Max’s First Movie

When Alex was 4, we took him to his first movie (Cars 2) in the theater.  Now that Max is 4, we took him to see Disney’s Planes movie in the theater.

He really enjoyed himself, though he did get fidgety and have to stand up and wiggle in the aisle for bit.  We all enjoyed the movie, though Keith &  I both thought the plot was a little weak.

I think our favorite part was Max’s reaction during an intense (to a kid) part of the movie, when Dusty flew through a train tunnel and nearly got hit by a train.  The screen goes black for a moment, leaving you to wonder what happened. 

The theater was SILENT.  Then sweet littlest voice (that’d be Max) broke the silence:

”Did he get dead?!”

I think all of the adults in the theater got a good giggle out of that one! Smile

Here are a few pictures taken before the movie started…




Afterwards, we took the boys to Chick-Fil-A for dinner to finish off our movie ‘date’. 
It was a great evening! Smile


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