Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Max Turned Four

Max turned four on August 24th.  I know…that’s over a month ago, and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it.  That’s because I have a sick little girl, we took the morning off from homeschooling, and I have a little extra time to sit at the computer.

Anyway, Max said to me yesterday, “Mom, I don’t really FEEL four.  I still FEEL just the same as when I was three.  Are you SURE I turned four?”  Cute :)  And to be honest, that’s exactly why I often can’t believe that I am 36 year old…

Back to Max turning four.

He requested a Mario and Luigi birthday party this year.  The boys LOVE to play Mario Kart on the Wii in their free time.  He wanted a Mario & Luigi party, Mario and Luigi Cake, and when asked what presents he might like, all he wanted was Mario & Luigi presents.  Do you sense a theme?!

I asked on Facebook if anyone was looking to sell their used Mario & Luigi costumes, and we received THREE costumes from friends!  The costumes were the perfect sizes for our three kids, so all three had costumes for the party! 

Max requested to have a Wario car on his cake, since Max was wearing the Wario costume for the party.  Grandma P and Jessica made him this “Winner’s Circle” cake with a Wario car on top. 


Grandma P and Jessica also made this wonderful racetrack cake with little Mario Kart cars on top.
We have wonderful family, and everyone chipped in to contribute food for the party.  Max’s only request was Macaroni and Cheese, and Uncle Jim brought his DELICIOUS homemade mac and cheese for the party. 

We also had meatballs, hash brown casserole, pigs in a blanket, fruits, veggies, jello, chips, and cake and ice cream.  Thanks to lots of help from Grandma S and my sisters/sister in law, I felt like I barely did anything as far as food goes!  (I bought ice cream, threw meatballs & sauce in the crockpot, made a hash brown casserole…and that might be all.  We are SPOILED to have the help of family!)

I’m not going to take time to edit & sort, so here’s a random collection of pictures from Max’s birthday party.  I think it’s safe to say that he had a TERRIFIC day!


Max received LOTS and LOTS of Mario K’nex cars and motorcycles, some new Thomas track accessories, a slip n slide, hot wheels and a hot wheels case, some Disney Planes, a Disney Planes wall track, some Disney Cars toys, Disney Cars socks, a Magic Pen book, and money for his savings account.  He’s STILL having fun with all of these toys, even one month later. 

(Okay, so we haven’t had the Slip N Slide out for a while…but it’s 80 on the first day of October, so maybe we should!  Oh…wait…sick sister…maybe not!)



Our first ever pinata – a pull-string pinata – that Jensyn broke open on her first pull!



I spent about $3 on candy for the pinata.  I bought a $1 pack of Jolly Ranchers, a $1 pack of Tootsie Rolls, and a $1 pack of Starburst. The rest was (confession time!) snacks from our pantry – like granola bars, raisins, etc - or candy we already had in our candy basket from a recent parade.  My kids never knew the difference, and cousin Cailin was the only other child at the party, so we didn’t need a ton of candy.  I just couldn’t justify spending money on a bunch of candy!



Even Nana got in on the Mario Kart fun Smile


Happy Birthday, Maxwell Corbin!  Even though you don’t FEEL four years old, we have loved these past four years with our spunky, wild, energetic, cuddle bug of a boy.  WE LOVE YOU, and we pray for many more happy and healthy years!

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