Monday, June 17, 2013

My Big Boy

I just found this post from March 2013 in my unfinished drafts.  I’m just posting it unfinished, as a small update on Alex @ 5 is better than no update at all! Open-mouthed smile

We have a few fun things that I’d like to finish up for my MFW K – Zebra week post.  We’ve finished all the school work, but because of a little St. Patrick’s Day fun, we did not do the “fun stuff” that goes along with our Zebra unit.   I’ll post it by Monday afternoon – although I doubt that anyone is waiting on pins and needles for it!  ;)

I just wanted to share a little randomness about Alex at age 5.

Lately, he’s very into printing cards from the Disney website and putting them in envelopes for family and friends.  He’s VERY good at using the computer independently now.  Our old desktop computer is solely for the kids use now.  Alex can turn it on, get to Internet Explorer, type D (for Disney) or F (for Fireman Sam) into the address bar so that the complete address will pop up, and then navigate the website.  He also knows how to use the printer without help.

He loves to “address” the envelope for the recipient.  On this one, he messed up “from” on the bottom row, so he started again on the top row.  Because he carefully sounded it out, and because I knew it would frustrate him, I didn’t dare tell him that he incorrectly spelled “from” on the top row.  For a young 5 year old, I think he did pretty well!

Alex loves to dress in costumes right now.  I never know whether I’ll have a police officer, a firefighter, a monkey, a cow, a tiger…it’s always something different!  A few days ago, he did a Mix and Match look…


…and that’s where the post ended.  I’ll have to work at getting an update on both boys and their unique personalities this summer! Smile

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