Thursday, June 20, 2013

Max’s “D” School

Max is 3 years, 9 months old.  We are using Little Hands To Heaven preschool program that’s adjustable for ages 2 – 5 by Heart of Dakota.  I’m trying to post enough to give you an accurate idea of what is covered in Little Hands To Heaven, yet leave it vague enough that you can’t use this post as a replacement for the teacher’s manual.  It’s full of fun ideas and activities to fill 20 – 30 minutes per day with active, creative learning that is centered on Christ.

making a macaroni D
& reviewing that the D says /d/


Max & big brother Alex both LOVE to make the hands-on alphabet letters!


doing the Hide and Seek D page – finding the Ds in the Bible poem for the week,
and then tracing the line to connect uppercase D to lowercase D.


Our Bible stories in this unit focused on Jacob.  On this counting page, Max had to draw 5 “ladders” and count them.  I wrote the numbers for him while he counted.

IMG_8787 IMG_8789

We used this page from my Counting 1 – 5 (FREE) pack to practice the number 4…
which was our number of the week.

He drew 4 smiling faces.


We talked about how Jacob tried to hide who he was.  He pretended to be Esau.
We “hid” who we were by coloring over our names.
Then we talked about how, while our names might look pretty when covered up,
it’s ALWAYS better to BE YOURSELF!


We read the story of how Jacob wrestled with the angel (God), and the angel touched Jacob’s leg so that it wouldn’t work well.  Then we tried playing the game where you keep the balloon off the floor…first while standing, and then without using our legs.  (I played, too…I just took a step back a few times to get a picture.) 

It sure is a lot harder with no legs! Smile


Max finished his “About Three” book, and he’s now starting on his “Bigger Steps” activity book.  These are Rod & Staff preschool workbooks, which are helping him with fine motor skills and thinking skills.



Max also did a maze and made a wagon in his Never Bored Kid book.


There’s a little bit more, but I never want to share too much.  Though this is a very SIMPLE curriculum, it really does a nice job of covering the basic preschool skills in a hands-on way!  Adding in R&S workbooks give him a little writing practice, but the LHTH program itself is very hands-on and fun for a little one!

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