Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Love Baby Signing Time!

Every baby is different. My friend Bonnie's little guy, Sam, loves Praise Baby videos. I can't get Alex to watch one for more than 2 minutes. Alex loves his Baby Signing Time video, but Sam has no interest in those.

That said, Signing Time videos are GREAT for Alex! He is totally captivated by watching Baby Signing Time. We only have volume 1, but I'd love to splurge a bit and buy him Volume 2. He has learned SO MUCH by watching this video.

The funny thing is, we're not totally aware of how much he's picked up from these videos. Sure, he has his signs (milk, dog, banana) that he's learned from the video and uses pretty regularly. There's a lot more stuffed into that little mind that we realize, though!

Here's an example:

Last night I had a meeting at church, and Alex had to come with me. There was a bird chirping somewhere in a bush outside the window. We couldn't see the bird, but Alex heard it. He turned to me and signed "bird"!

Now, first of all, he couldn't see the bird. That means he recognized it by sound. Second, I had NO CLUE he knew the sign for bird. I've never signed it with him or practiced it. I tend to use more practical signs with him. That means he picked it up simply by watching this video twice a week. Wow. Soaking things up like a sponge!

Doesn't it just make you wonder what all goes on in the mind of a toddler? What's he storing up in there? When he really gets the hang of talking, what's going to come pouring out of his mouth. That little mind is always working, and I think it's pretty cool!


Kat said...

How neat! Growth and development is SO amazing!!!

It just makes me awe at how complex God is, and how He made our minds work!!!

The Hamstras said...

My kids LOVE signing time too. They used to play it on PBS when we lived in MI. I wish they did that here!