Friday, April 24, 2009

Over The River and Down 80/94...

Over the river, yes...woods, uh...not so much! Even if we have to change the lyrics a bit, the rest of the phrase is correct: To Grandmother's House We Go!

Keith had to go to Canada for work, so Alex & I spent a week with Grandma & Grandpa. I think Alex totally enjoyed his week; his grandparents kept him very busy! We got there on Monday night, and Alex walked right past my parents & directly to the spot where they keep the remote control pickup truck. He knows what's important, ha ha!

Throughout the week, Alex spent a lot of time exploring all of Grandma & Grandpa's toys. Aunt Deb came over to play for a while, and we all went to Baker's Square for pie. (Thanks, Grandpa!) Mom made some of my favorite foods for lunch & dinner, and I sure appreciate that! (Thanks, Grandma!)

Grandpa and Alex had lots of fun with wagon rides through the neighborhood & remote control cars in the driveway. Alex asked for his grandpa each morning when he woke up. One morning, Grandpa was out for a morning walk when Alex woke up. Alex searched every inch of the house for his grandpa. Since we've been home, he's been carrying a beat-up picture of Grandpa around the house almost every day. I think Grandpa is his new best friend! ;)

Grandpa & Alex hung out one afternoon while Mom & I ran errands together. (Alex is an excellent shopper, but it's kind of nice to shop without a baby in tow!) She & I also stopped at Walgreens that day to get our free cloth bags for Earth Day. You had to make a purchase, so I got a 24 cent egg coloring kit for next year & a pack of bubble toys for Alex. Oh, and a bottle of Tums...not that you care! I laughed because the sales clerk (out of habit, I'm sure...) put our purchases & free cloth bags inside of a plastic shopping bag.

Grandma & Alex had a lot of fun together with sidewalk chalk and bubble blowing. Grandma has the neatest kit of bubble toys. I doubt they even make the exact toys anymore, as they're about 15 years old, and I know that our new bubble toys aren't quite as cool as Grandma's.

Alex is IN LOVE with pull-string toys. Grandma has the old Fisher Price pull-string telephone & Humpty Dumpty. Alex dragged those toys all over the house with a big smile on his face. I realize that strings on children's toys aren't considered safe, but Alex just loves them! I'm glad these are a special treat for him at Grandma's house.

We went to visit Uncle Dave, Aunt Janice, Kate, and Josh on Wednesday night. Jess Bell was over for dinner, so we got to catch up with her, too! She & I taught together for several years, and I miss seeing her every day! She's such an encourager, and such a positive, fun person! Poor Alex was tired & grumpy that evening, but he loved the foster puppies that Dave & Janice have right now. (He also loved Jess' homemade cookie...mmm!)

On Thursday, my sister Donna & I spent the whole day together while Grandma watched Alex. They took a wagon ride to the park, played at the playground, blew bubbles, used sidewalk chalk, and who knows what else...but Alex was sure a happy kid! He learned to say the word "park" that day! He didn't even really get excited when I came home, so I know he loves his grandparents! I loved having a day with Donna, and I hope that Grandma enjoyed her day as much as Alex did!

Donna & I went to Archivers scrapbook store. Donna bought me a $20 gift card on the day Alex was born. That shows you how much I've scrapbooked since Alex's birth. Alex's baby book is the last scrapbook I made. I used the gift card yesterday to buy the materials for "Baby Bob's" baby book. (Poor, nameless child...)

We also stopped at Joann's and Carter's (my boys now have big brother/little brother shirts -so cute!!!), went out for lunch, and went to Trader Joe's. Ha! I got to say "my boys"! That was kind of fun! :)

Donna raves about Trader Joe's all the time. Now I know why. I wish I could shop there regularly...not for all of our groceries, but for certain items. They have some very reasonably priced healthy foods! And where else do all the grocery store employees wear Hawaiian shirts?

We got to play with Emma for a little while before Daddy got back from the airport to pick us up. (Alex sure was happy to see his Dada again!)

It took a little adjusting for Alex to get used to sleeping in an unfamiliar bed in a strange room. The first night was rough, but it got better all week long. We need our sweet boy to learn how to sleep away from home before the new baby makes an appearance, and he seemed to do all right!

I think Alex's grandpa is right - he'll do fine, and he's pretty comfortable hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's house now. That's good - now he loves both of his Grandparents' homes!

Thanks for giving us a place to stay for the week, Mom & Dad! We had fun, and I hope you did, too!

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Kat said...

I love the big brother/little brother shirts!!! My mom got Sami the big sister one (also Carter's) now I want a little sister one! =)