Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Party Time!

(He's napping...can you tell that by the number of posts I'm writing?!)

The Fisher Price toys showed up a few weeks ago. Mr. UPS delivered 3 huge boxes to our house over the course of a week. Wow, wow, wow. We didn't pay a penny - no shipping fees, no cost for the toys, nada...FREE!

What did Alex want? The box.

Go figure! :)

These toys are AWESOME! I'm definitely one of Fisher Price's biggest fans. They know how to create loyal, happy customers. If I had to choose between two similar toys, I'd probably go with Fisher Price.

They don't really give you an agenda for the party:

  • invite friends

  • provide food

  • set out toys

  • give gift bags

That's about it. So, I provided food. My neighbor brought cookies for dessert. 8 of us gathered with the little ones, hung out for a couple of hours, and watched the kiddos experience Fisher Price Wonderland.

I'd be selfish to keep all the toys, so we had a drawing for the Musical Zoo. Everyone's names went in the container, and Sabrina (the only little one big enough to understand what to do) drew a the winner's name. Want to know who won? You'll question if it was rigged...


I was on the phone with Karen (Sabrina's mom) this morning, and I could hear the musical zoo playing songs in the background. I guess she likes it :)

Every guest went home with a gift bag containing a coupon, a small toy, a catalog of toys, an entry form to win more Fisher Price toys, and some coloring pages and a parents sheet.

Here are some pictures of our fun:


Kat said...

Thanks again for inviting me! Hopefully someone from our group will keep getting picked for these parties...they are too fun!

Dawn said...

Angie e-mailed me tonight to find out how to apply, too! I applied for the "living green" parties tonight. I don't care who hosts, but the more of us who apply, the better the chance for fun parties & free stuff! :)

Goodbye, Pampered Chef.
Hello, House Party!

Susie said...

Looks like you all had a good time! We found out yesterday Les' sister is having a BOY! Griffin is stoked! Can you tell me what that bouncer/jumper is called it's the last picture on this post? I think those are the coolest things that they didn't have when my children were that age! Does Alex really like it?? It looks like the other little boy is enjoying it. Alex is growing and just doubling his adorableness!