Friday, August 8, 2008

August So Far...

Okay, I lied. These start on our anniversary - July 31st. I haven't updated for a while, so it's another picture day.

See? Keith IS wonderful! Happy Fourth Anniversary, Keith! Wer celebrated at home with grilled ribeye, baked potatoes, green beans, corn, & rolls. Keith said it's better than a restaurant.

The picture above is supposed to show Alex's 2 teeth. He didn't cooperate.

The picture below shows Alex "helping" me with the laundry by unfolding all the wipes.

This is one of his favorite seats.

I volunteered to test a new fabric softener. I just had to be able to complete 5 loads of laundry in a week. (Ha! I can handle that!) You get free softener (obviously) and now that I've completed the survey, they're supposed to send me another free product. Here are a few pics I took during the survey:
Comparing my regular fabric softener (yes, I'm cheap...) with the survey softener.
Odd looking, isn't it? You might have guessed it's an all-natural product made from recycled papers. It's the newest 7th Generation product. That company hasn't let me down yet. These do the job of softening & removing static, but they're unscented. I look forward to them introducing a scented variety. I'm waiting on my other free "green" product to arrive in the mail. I'm so curious to know what the thank-you gift will be!!!!

Do you think he's helping with the laundry? At least he's not bored or crying while I fold clothes!
Thanks for the corn, Angie! Alex held an ear very happily while I shucked the rest.

Look what happens when you give Alex a teething biscuit...

Most of you know that I don't let Alex watch TV. I think TV for babies is absolutely ridiculous. After 7.5 months of parenting, I still feel that way. Ask me again when he's a year old. Until then, no TV.
...THIS is what happens when Jon & Kate Plus Eight is on. I usually watch it in the afternoon for a little humor while I'm making dinner, folding laundry, nursing Alex, etc. If he's not in my arms, Alex is on the floor with his toys facing the OPPOSITE direction so he can't see the TV. On this day, I was making dinner. I peeked in on Alex to find he had turned himself around to watch Jon & Kate. He loves to hear/see all the little kids on this show!
Uh-oh...We're in trouble, people...somebody discovered that the toilet paper roll looks very entertaining. At least he's not mobile yet! Look out, Mama...

This is my little guy today. He has a cold, and he feels miserable. He's all stuffy, has a cough, and I think he has a sore throat because he keeps making funny throat-clearing sounds & whimpering. He really doesn't feel well. Poor kiddo! He just about fell asleep with his head back while I dried my hair today. Every time he falls asleep, though, he wakes up screaming a short time later. I feel for him. If only I could make it all better :(
That's all so far. Just a bunch of pictures for those of you who have asked when I might update the blog again. There you have it - an update *Ü*

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You are welcome for the corn and great for you with the Fisher Price thing! That's awesome!!