Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Little Guy

Each day, Keith and I remind each other how amazing it is that this perfect little guy came from us. It's absolutely astounding. Alexander is a gift from God, and we know it. Watching him grow is such a joy. In just a few short months, Alex has changed so much.
At almost 3 months...
  • This little guy smiles so easily.
  • This little guy talks to his toys.
  • This little guy has the cutest laugh.
  • This little guy can turn 180 degrees in his crib while swaddled tightly. (How?!)
  • This little guy watches every move that his doggy makes.
  • This little guy loves to watch his daddy.
  • This little guy has found his voice, and he uses it often.
  • This little guy loves to listen to people singing.
  • This little guy has a mind of his own, and he proves it every day.
  • This little guy has squeals and coos that make us grin every day.
  • This little guy is sleeping 7 - 8 hours most nights.
  • This little guy loves to stare at his toys, almost as if he's trying to figure out how they work.
  • This little guy can frustrate us to no end, and then flash us such a big grin that we forget why we were upset in the first place.
  • This little guy holds his head up very well.
  • This little guy does not like to be held like a baby. Sit him up and he's happy.

I'll probably add to this list as I think of things that he can do at this age. Since I'm doing a horrible job of keeping up with a baby book, Keith & I are both glad to have this blog as a record!

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Sara said...

Oh my gosh look how big he's getting! He's filling out, I can't wait to see him in shorts so we can see some rolls :) I just want to smooch on his cheeks, what a cutie patootie!