Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Changed My Mind

It's just too beautiful! When says it's 58 degrees, how can you NOT take a walk?
We just walked to the dead end of our street, checked out the new house going up, walked to the cul-de-sac, turned around, and came home. Maybe a 5 minute walk, but it was just nice to get out & enjoy a beautiful day!
Alex just relaxed & seemed to enjoy it. Maggie tugged to go faster. We'll need to get her used to going baby speed!
As for the baby getting cold - Alex had on a onesie, a cotton sleeper, a fleece sleeper, a hat, and a blanket. I think he was probably hot! :)

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basketkat said...

Geez...I'm thinking he was probably a little warm too! :) Ha! Just kidding!!! I am pretty sure you are my favorite "new mom" laid back and non chalant! I LOVE it!!!