Monday, March 16, 2015

Beyond Unit 3 (Alex)

(I am trying to get caught up!  We’re currently on Unit 11.  We did Unit 3 around Christmas, and it’s now March 16th.  You’re going to be bombarded with posts in the next few weeks, because I am determined to get through it all!)

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Alex wasn’t letting me take pictures for a while, and it’s important to me to respect his wishes on that, so we have some weeks that are very lacking in pictures.  This is one of those weeks Smile


In Unit 3, we read about trouble with King James in England.  We learned how the Pilgrims were forbidden to worship outside of King James’ church.  They were caught worshipping in a barn.  The men were put in jail. 

We played a really fun, active dice game to see if we’d end up in King James’ court or in prison.  Each number on the die stood for a different action (“Go to King James’ court – take one step forward”  -OR- “Put God before the King – take 2 steps back”)  We played this game again and again!

biblestudybannerThis week’s Bible verse was Romans 12: 9 – 10.  Again, we practice in fun ways like galloping until Mom says ‘freeze’,  then reciting the verse…over and over again Smile

The Friday Bible study helped us think about what to do if someone hurts you.

This week’s grammar concept was subject and predicate.  We made 5 cards with a subject and 5 cards with a predicate.  Then we mixed and matched to make silly (but complete!) sentences.  Alex had a lot of fun with this!


mathbannerI went through a phase of not taking many pictures!  We were still working through Singapore 1A, going slightly faster than Beyond’s schedule.


We read about Magellan’s route, discussing how the world is round and not flat.  We looked at a globe, looked at the horizon, and looked at a map in one of Alex’s history books.


  continuing to read Gladys Aylward


We read a poem called Uphill aloud together each day.  Alex used it as copywork and draw a picture of the poem. 


We didn’t do it.  Art is at the bottom of my importance list, and since it was Christmas-time, we had plenty to keep us busy. It was meant to be a picture of a pretty, trailing vine on a stone wall…remiscent of the garden walls at the Brewster family’s inn.


We read about Queen Anne admiring the Brewster’s garden, so for science we learned about bees and pollination.  We used crushed crackers to show how bees spread pollen.


We also had a science lesson about light and darkness, using black paper, white paper, and a flashlight.  It went along with the history reading about the Pilgrims meeting in the dark to make it harder for King James’ soldiers to spot them.

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