Friday, September 19, 2014

Max’s 5th Birthday (part 1)

As I type that, I’m just overwhelmed at the thought that yet another one of my sweet babies is getting TOO BIG!  I can’t even fathom that Max is 5 years old, yet somehow it happened.  Our kiddos are growing up WAY too quickly!

Max turned 5 on August 24, while we were on vacation.  Because of our vacation, we had to delay his birthday party.  This was very confusing for him, and he thought that he wouldn’t get a party or presents because no one would be able to find him!  (But it IS pretty special to spend your birthday in the mountains, meet a far-away friend for lunch, and go swimming in a hotel!)

On his birthday, we assured him that he would definitely have a party for his birthday.  This confused him even more, as he thought he had already turned 5, and if he had another birthday when we returned home, he’d be turning 6 already and catch up to his big brother!  (How cute is that?!)

Although he only gets one birthday, and he has to stay FIVE all year, Max does get TWO parties this year – a family party and his first-ever friend party!

Max had his first party – the family party - on Sunday, September 7th.  We had a slightly smaller crowd than usual, but he still enjoyed his party!  (For us, a small party is still 20 people…we are loved!)

(His second party – the friend party – is coming up next weekend.  He’s VERY excited about it!)


Max chose to have a Captain America/Avengers theme, which we’ll be carrying over for his friend party as well.  Grandma P and Jessica created yet another amazing cake, and they also made a whole bunch of cupcakes that we froze to use for his friend party.  We are so grateful for their talents!  Thank you, Grandma & Jessica!


We had one of our typical party lunches – GFS meatballs and sauce in the crockpot, hashbrown casserole, green beans, pigs in a blanket, fresh fruit, and potato chips.  My mom helped by making a hashbrown casserole, cucumber salad, and pigs in a blanket.  It sure takes the pressure off of me, knowing that there are others helping with the food.  Thanks, Mom!

Max was spoiled with terrific presents…


~ 3 (yes, 3!) Captain America talking action figures – the boys decided to keep two of them, and my sister returned one and gave Max money instead, which he used at Build A Bear to make a Raphael.

(We went to Build A Bear on Saturday, where Max made a TMNT bear and Alex used his garage sale money to buy a Captain America outfit for a bear he already owned.)
~ a Captain America helmet (which he’s worn to bed several times – how uncomfortable does that seem to you?!)


~ Hot Wheels track, which has gotten TONS of use in the past week
~ Planes Fire & Rescue vehicles set
~ Planes Fire & Rescue raincoat, which Max has worn a LOT, whether it’s raining or not…although we’ve had a lot of rain recently, so it HAS gotten some good use for its intended purpose!

~ Transformers Rescue Bots (the boys are VERY interested in Transformers right now)


~ TMNT orange combat set with nunchucks, throwing stars, and bandana (much loved by ALL three children!)


~ Planes Fire & Rescue headset (which Jensyn has claimed as her own – she uses it to sing, ha!)

IMG_0731 IMG_0732

~ We got him a Captain America bike earlier in the summer – he’d outgrown his old one, so we sold it in our garage sale & got him an early birthday present.

~ AND one he doesn’t know is coming – his very own Chicago Bears quilt for his bed, lovingly made by aunt, cousin, and grandma.  Alex already has one, and now it’s Max’s turn!  He’ll be getting it soon; his cousin Emma was sick and couldn’t make it to the party, but she wants to see him open it.

I just love this picture, where the kids are all crowding in to see what Max is opening.  I love the excitement of the younger kids at a birthday party!  (And there sits Alex, reading the instructions…)


Cake Time!


(We are grateful for all the cupcakes, which we froze and are saving for Max’s friend party.)



I thought this card was so sweet that it deserved recognition.  Max’s cousin Cailin (5) made this sweet birthday card for him.  It’s just so cute! Smile


Happy 5th Birthday, Max!  I have no idea how time has flown by so quickly, but we LOVE watching your amazing personality develop year by year.  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and we thank God for blessing us with YOU!

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