Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blueberry Picking

I’m a very lucky girl, as my sweet husband went out and bought me a small chest freezer on Saturday using the money earned in our recent garage sale.  It’s blueberry season, and I had an brand new, empty freezer.  Hmmm…what should we do about that? ;)

June2012 255

Our favorite blueberry farm is just a mile or two down the road from our house, but unfortunately, they’re not able to open this year.  Many blueberry farms in our area experienced a freeze this spring, losing their whole crop.  My in-laws suggested a farm I hadn’t visited before.  They’d read in the paper that this one had saved their crop.  Boy, had they ever saved their crop! Those were some of the most loaded berry bushes I’ve ever seen!

June2012 254

Between loads of blueberries and temperatures in the 70s, it was a pretty good morning for picking berries!  My parents came down for the morning, and we all went blueberry picking together.  (Well, Jensyn went blueberry EATING…and eating…and eating…)  The boys even did a pretty good job of picking for quite a long time.  They did get antsy and start to run and play before we finished, though.

June2012 259

After a while, Jensyn got tired of the stroller.  Even blueberries couldn’t keep her happy anymore.  We let her down to get filthy in the dirt.  She helped herself to some blueberries, explored, and even tasted a few green berries.

June2012 260

When we finished (17 lbs of berries later…), my sweet parents headed to McDonalds to grab some food for everyone.  The kids and I went to share some berries with our neighbors while we waited for Grandma & Grandpa to come back with our lunch.

June2012 257

After Grandma & Grandpa headed home, I bagged up and froze our remaining blueberries ~ over 25 cups of berries!  It’s time for smoothies, pies, blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes…YUM!

June2012 261
Alex is most excited about smoothies, but we’re out of yogurt.  I guess we’ll be headed to the grocery store…0 :)

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Lindsay said...

How fun!! I have never been blueberry picking but it looks like fun!