Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Random Pictures

I’ve mentioned before that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s not really commercialized, and you can just focus on family and blessings.  We did that this year, but not in the typical, relaxed way.

I have to admit that my camera didn’t come out very much on Thanksgiving day or the day after.  Thanksgiving Day ended up being a little crazy.  Keith decided he wanted to use his free time in the morning to put up our new Christmas tree.  I always prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving, but he had the time…so I didn’t want to complain.  It turned into a crazy mess – the tree was far more complicated than we’d realized, and the kids were running away with branches or stepping on them as we worked…CRAZY!

Somewhere in the chaos, I managed to wash my hair, nurse a baby, make two dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, and get the car loaded with all our “stuff”.  Alex was grumping and being stubborn ~ he didn’t want to eat. the pb & j sandwich I’d slapped together for his lunch.   I told him he could either eat and get down, or he could sit there until we left.  He chose to sit there until we left.  I ran to dry my hair while the boys were eating sandwiches.

Keith came and got me about 5 minutes later, asking me to take a look at Alex.  As soon as I saw my little boys’s face, I instantly felt like the worst mom EVER.  Poor Alex…the allergist told us that Alex is NOT allergic to peanuts, and we believed him, even though we had been pretty confident that Alex was allergic.  He still hadn’t eaten his lunch, but he must have touched his sandwich, then rubbed his eyes.  His eyes were all puffy and swollen, and he had hives all around his eyes.   (We’re praising the Lord that Alex stubbornly chose not to eat it!) We gave him Benadryl, and we grabbed the epi-pen handy just in case.  We drive past a town with a hospital on the way to my parents, so we threw the kids in the car, started driving, and figured that if we needed the ER, we’d know it by the time we passed it.

Thankfully, there was no need for the ER.  We drove straight to my parents’ house to spend time with the family.

We were back at my parent’s house again the next day, as my mom always does a homemade soup & bread dinner on the day after Thanksgiving.  That was my birthday, so we did a birthday time for me and for BoGyeong, my brother’s family’s exchange student.  She obviously loves little kids, and Alex is in LOVE with her. He calls her “BoGUM”.  It’s so cute!

November2011 169

My sister brought their new puppy, Maya, over for a while.  She’s so cute, and the kids loved her.

November2011 162November2011 163

November2011 165

We just didn’t feel very relaxed, and there wasn’t any time to sit down & count our blessings.  Thanksgiving had a very rushed feel to it this year, and I’m a little disappointed by that.  Next year, the tree isn’t going up until after Thanksgiving…and NO peanut butter sandwiches will be around, either!  We definitely enjoyed the family time a lot, though! :)

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I'm so glad you guys didn't end up having to go to the hospital! So glad Alex didn't eat any!