Friday, September 11, 2009

Who Let Him Grow?

Max had his 2 week pediatrician visit this morning, and he's a healthy & happy little guy. Keith & I were making guesses last night, and Keith guessed that Max might be up to 8 lbs by now. I guess that he was about 7.5 lbs. As it turns out, Max has exceeded both of our guesses...

He is 8 lbs, 4 oz already! He's also grown 2 inches. Needless to say, the Dr. Brewer was pretty happy with that. Mama, on the other hand, is only a little bit happy...Stop it, little boy! You & Mama have a deal that you're going to stay a newborn forever, remember? ;)

Of course, we're thrilled and blessed beyond measure to have a healthy, growing baby boy. Good job, Maxwell!

Other things to note -
I asked if we could weigh Alex as long as we were there, and he's now 23 little pipsqueak! At 18 months, he was 21 he's making progress. That ought to make Dr. Brewer at least a little bit happy. :)

We don't need to return until he's 2 months old unless we have concerns. Since we're "experienced parents" now, Dr. Brewer suggested that we just skip the one month visit.

We LOVE Dr. Brewer! I wish she could be my doctor, too...but I'm not sure that I qualify for a pediatrician anymore. She's the BEST, kindest, most patient & understanding doctor around...she let Alex wear her stethescope and "help" her examine Max today. So cute! She even gave us cloth diapers & cloth wipes as a baby gift when Max was born! Pretty special, if you ask me! If you live in our area & need a pediatrician, we'd highly recommend her!

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Kat said...

Thank you again SO much for sending us to Dr. Brewer! I too wish she could be my doctor! =)